The Solfeggio Frequencies

Get to know the 9 Healing Tones

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Dream Your Body

Healing Tones and Hypnotherapy combined can help effectively forming your body

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Subconscious Healing

Guided Meditation for gaining strength with the help of your subconscious mind

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Meditation Music

Meditation Music

What’s Meditation Music about? Meditation has been derived from the Latin word “Meditatio”, meaning “align to the center”. Meditation is perfect for strengthening body, mind and soul and get them into balance. The meditative state is neurologically measurable as a

Solfeggio Frequencies, Sacred Frequencies

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432 Hz

432 Hz

Back To Nature 432 Hz Music [two_third] What is 432 Hz Music? Music can be so many things for us: joy, relaxation and a healing “soundcloud” – but also a cause of disharmony. A crucial factor in the effect of