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The Solfeggio Frequencies – Vol. 3

The album “Solfeggio Frequencies – Volume 3” is currently in production. But you can already download the first frequencies! In contrary to the previous albums, this time every track is an individual composition. And as a special, the tracks on this album were performed in a live surrounding by REAL musicians. Ambient sounds and the actual Solfeggio Frequencies were added later on. Guitar, bass and piano were tuned to the individual frequencies, and recorded together.

playing time: 6:50

  • the deepest Solfeggio Frequency
  • can make you feel "grounded"
  • calm, yet with a vibrant touch

playing time: 5:50

  • Great for ACTIVE meditation 
  • can help you visualize your goals
  • lively and positive


Solfeggio Frequencies – Vol 3
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