Guided Meditation & Self Hypnosis

Spoken by Clinical Hypnotherapist Karen Rowe

  • Replace old behaviour patterns and install healthy eating habits
  • Release the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying for years
  • Respect and love your body for the rest of your life
  • Increase your self esteem and motivation

These Hypnotic MP3 Audios will help you lose weight and maintain the weight loss, training your mind to think differently about food, exercise and increase your self esteem.


Weight gain is often due to past hurts and trauma.

Negative emotions are trapped and stored in the body. In this audio we address:

  • Increasing your self confidence and motivation to nurture yourself
  • The emotional weight you’ve been carrying around with you
  • Helping you to move forward and achieve your goals
  • Letting it go once and for all

Length: 32 minutes


Shifting the way you see yourself.

Whatever you focus your attention on you attract more of. Shifting the way you see yourself, will cause you to lose weight rather than gain it. The NLP technique in this audio will:

  • Help you to manifest the perfect version of you
  • Lose weight more easily and rapidly
  • Attract more of what you do want
  • Create a happy, confident, you

Length: 46 minutes


Diets and Bootcamps can help you lose weight quickly, only to gain more weight once finished.
The unhealthy habits still have power over you. In this audio I will:

  • Enable you to visualise and focus on how you want to be, so you stay on track
  • Reset the subconscious mind to adapt to new healthy eating habits
  • Remove old childhood beliefs around food
  • Give you suggestions to eat healthily

Length: 26 minutes


The last 5 minutes of your day are the most crucial. Your subconscious mind works on the thoughts and feelings you have when falling asleep in order to create your reality. Do you fall asleep fearful of the unknown and worrying?


This audio is to be listened to before you fall asleep, so that you have only positive suggestions and feelings for your subconscious mind to work on, creating your new reality.

  • Affirmations to leave behind the past and create a new future
  • New subconscious programming for a healthier you
  • Raising your self esteem and confidence
  • Becoming the best version of yourself

Length: 37 minutes

Note: It is important to listen to each of the audios, addressing all issues.

After, you can choose the ones that help you the most and listen to repetitively.

You get access to the MP3 Download Page immediately after purchase.



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