Pure well-being

The two albums have become an indispensable part of my sessions. The frequencies are perceptible in my whole body. I feel very well when I hear them. The have become a part of my meditations.

Used daily!

I use the music daily in practice – for meditation and as background music. My patients are excited and the effect is palpable. Relaxation after a chiropractic treatment, acupuncture or other manual treatment is pleasantly supported and enhanced by this

Great bandwidth of frequencies

I have been searching for suitable music for my work with patients for a long time. It should not only run as background music, but also be an essential part of therapy (hypnosis or psychotherapy). Alex achieved just that with

Very helpful music

I use the mp3s for hypnotherapy, for meditation or during the relaxation part of my yoga classes. That way all participants of my courses can be lead into a deep relaxation!!! Also just for myself, if I want to “let

Amazing relaxing music

It’s best if you listen in a row, so that you can perceive all frequencies. The music has put me in a wonderful trance. Thank you very much!

Different than Vol. 1… also great!

Same as in Vol. 1, Alex has created a sophisticated range of meditative music. Vol. 2 deviates by a changed sonority of Vol. 1. The usage during therapeutic sessions is awesome. I have been searching long time for a music


I have already tested several frequencies, but this compilation is the best so far. A special treat with feel-good character. The frequencies are very calming, stimulating and balancing. I can also highly recommend theĀ “Journey To Subconscious” in 432 Hz.

Super relaxing!

Like all the MP3s from this website these are really great and a must for any relaxation and hypnosis practitioner. Also highly recommended is the album “Journey To Subconscious”

Great relaxation

My recommendation: listen to all the parts in a row. A slightly different feeling everytime and a great experience!