Perfect relaxation accompaniment

We like to use the music for relaxation during our therapy programs. Solfeggio Frequencies have become a part of our relaxation courses –  and the feedback from our patients is very positive.

Good resumption

As already Vol. 1, this album meets my expectations. Highly recommended for anyone looking for peace and relaxation!

Pleasant feeling

I tested the MP3 at 528 Hz around 20 times. I am excited about what can be achieved with this single frequency – talking about meditating. Relatively quickly removed disturbing thoughts. It feels like right and left brain halves synchronize.

Noticeably calmer

The 432 Hz music part 1 as well as part 2 is soothing and relaxing. Not only for adults, even children are noticeably quieter. If we had only music based on 432 Hz versus currently 440 Hz on earth, the

It works at the subconscious level

Having worked as a clinical hypnotherapist and energy healer for over 20 years, I understand how sound also heals the body, mind and spirit. A couple of years ago I came across Solfeggio healing music. I would play it whilst